Tai Chi

My teachers are, Master John Ding 7th generation traditional Yang style, Master Dong Traditional Yang style, Master Sangeetam founder of the Golden Flower Yang style Short Form.

To fully grasp the subtleties of Tai Chi, knowledge should be transmitted through regular contact and learning with high level Tai Chi masters. Of course this would be simply a passing experience, if it wasn’t consolidated with your own dedicated practice, perseverance and application to fully understanding the powerful practice of  Tai Chi Chuan. Following this path is one way to access the principles and truths, which are Tai Chi.

Watch this video. It’s the Foundation Form….beginning to single whip

Here’s a clip of some Form correction and ‘sensitivity’ practice

“I started to learn Tai Chi about eight years ago. I changed to Michael’s classes in recent years.I have had many serious health problems. In particular I was given a health pack concerning one of those health matters . In that pack Tai chi was referred to. Thanks to practising Tai Chi since that time I have overcome most of my medical problems. Under Michael’s tuition I have a much better understanding of the movements. I have furthered my knowledge through reading a particular book which Michael lent me. I have now bought my own copy of that book! No two instructors teach the same style of Tai Chi in precisely the same way. Michael makes learning interesting. You never stop learning Tai Chi In spite of the fact there are only a few basic moves. Start Today!” RT Hertfordshire