Join us in the warmth and sunshine of Arillas, Corfu

September 12th –  September 19th 2017.

Tai Chi Retreat in Corfu

The Greek island of Corfu is a truly enchanting location for this one week holiday retreat.  

It’s tranquil beaches, breathtaking sunsets, dense olive and cypress groves, historic villages and friendly locals extend a warm welcome to lovers of nature and Tai Chi enthusiasts alike.

  The Nikos apartments in the friendly Corfu village of Arillas will be our home for this Tai Chi retreat. The Complex is set beneath a wooded hillside in a fertile valley beside a stream. It is approximately 900m from the beach on the north west coast of the island.

The Pool at Nikos

The Pool at Nikos

The Retreat is designed to help reduce the effects of stress in your life and for you to gain valuable knowledge and insights into the profound art of Tai Chi that will become a foundation for your health and enjoyment.

This is a uniquely potent opportunity to make friends, energise body and mind, while building a deeper level of health and confidence. How would it feel to spend most of your time outdoors, and perhaps discover some new directions for your life? Taking a break from your usual routine, you can create an opening for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many participants have reported this!

Tai Chi Holiday Lanzarote

A Previous Tai Chi Holiday

 A typical day may look like this;

7.30 am                Optional early morning Chi Gung or energising exercise

8.30 am                Breakfast

10.00 – 12 pm      Learning Tai Chi Form and principles

1 pm                      Lunch

4 – 6 pm                Learning Tai chi Form and principles

7.00 pm                Dinner/meditation/dance/excursion

You are encouraged to spend time listening to your body and then to respond sensitively. Perhaps you will take the option of sometimes spending free time alone; you may feel to join in with others. You may need fun and laughter or time for quiet reflection. It’s your choice.

Early booking is suggested to make sure you get a place on this retreat, in the special village of Arillas, on the North West of Corfu. In addition to having great beaches and excellent tavernas, Arillas is home to several alternative holiday/retreat centers, which gives the village a unique feeling.

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Full price £625.


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Holiday Retreat Full Price

£625 for 1 week accomodation, tuition and two meals a day

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 A Big Thank You To The Hundreds Of Participants Who Made The Tai Chi Holiday Retreats In The UK and Abroad So Memorable Over The last 14yrs.

Each One Was Absolutely Fantastic.

Tai Chi in Lanzarote

In fact they were some of the best holidays ever!

Outside Villa Amatista

For myself and for those who took part.

At the Roll-Right standing stones

happy practice

On the Retreats, the focus will be on training. To develop, learn and understand sound Tai Chi principles that will produce a strong, relaxed body and a still mind. Meditation for self reflection and stillness will be a part of the Holiday. All supported by an ethos of self-cultivation for strengthening spirit…….and yes,we’ll have some fun as well!