Herts Tai Chi classes are in South Hertfordshire and North London. The public classes are in Apsley, near Hemel Hempstead and Barnet North London. All other classes held throughout the week are privately funded by various organisations.

With so many Tai Chi classes around these days, you need to choose one carefully.

To find a successful and good quality class ask yourself  two questions:-

1.  What should I look for when I’m choosing a Tai Chi class to try out?

2.  What do I want from a Tai Chi class?

The answer to the first question is:

The Teacher should be experienced – I have 25yrs of practicing Tai Chi and 20yrs of teaching. Roughly estimated as about 19,000hrs of my own personal practice.

High quality Tai Chi from high level masters – My teachers are, Master John Ding 7th generation traditional Yang style, Master Dong Traditional Yang style, Master Sangeetam founder of the Golden Flower Yang style Short Form. These are the two basic questions to ask to determine the quality of the class you choose to visit. The second question is “What do you want to get out of a Tai Chi class “?

The answer to the second question:-

Martial Art or Relaxation? – Through Tai Chi I teach the art of relaxation as a foundation for healing. If you continue to learn, the applications of the Tai Chi Form i.e martial applications, can be learnt. I’ve studied the martial side of Tai Chi Chuan which is it’s highest and purest expression. Currently in my Tai Chi journey I lean more towards the healing aspects of Tai Chi.

Strict discipline or an easy going class? – If you want to be shouted at and ‘licked into shape’ my classes are most probably not for you. Like- wise, if you want a class that’s so laid back, you could fall asleep  then my class is not the place for you to be. If you want an informal, relaxed and focused atmosphere, then I think you’ll enjoy learning with me. I like to be light-hearted, focused and have fun.

Do you want to learn ‘secrets of the orient’…….then you may be disappointed. I teach powerful core concepts that are fundamental to successful development. (traditionally these concepts have been called ‘secrets’ in the past, mainly because teachers were reluctant or unwilling to share them freely with everyone)

Feel free to use this site as a resource, whether you join a class or not. As the site develops you will have access to information,DVDs, CDs and online lessons. Join me in building a Tai Chi community based on Vital Health, Fulfillment of the Human Spirit and the Integral Way.

To Your Very Good Health